Dear colleagues!
Even if you now have further job offers from other companies, please, find time to fill in our application form and then we shall regularly inform you about our new vacancies.
Nautilus Crewing Agency has been working on crewing market for more then 20 years rendering mediatory services for seafarer's employment.
Our agency specializes in such vessels as container ships, timber ships and offshore fleet vessels.
If you have good professional skills, are fluent in English and have had more than one contract in a foreign company, our best vacancies will be offered for your consideration.
Our staff can be useful for you in the following:
  • compliance of your maritime documents with the requirements of International
  • conditions for obtaining or renewal of the seafarer's identity document, working diplomas certificates;
  • employment terms and conditions with a foreign ship
  • financial and tax
Arrange an interview with a ship owner representative;
After confirmation of your appointment, provide you with a complete package of accompanying papers, including airline tickets;
Arrange your itinerary of travel "home-city on board a ship."
We believe everything in life changes for better but the choice is always yours!